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Balance Method Success Story

The following post is a copy of a letter written by one of my patients for the December 2013/January 2014  edition of the Colne Engaine Parish Magazine:

Following on from Rob Veater’s last article, I would just like to let people know that this has worked for me.

Those of you who know me, know that I have undergone 17 operations of my right knee and suffer severe pain and walk with a stick. However, since meeting Rob I can quite honestly say my life has changed. The Dr. Tan Balance Method of Acupuncture has helped me enormously.

Over the last 4-6 weeks I have been seeing Rob twice weekly for treatment, it gives virtually instant pain relief, which is something I never thought would happen for me. We are currently reducing the treatment to once a week to monitor and see what effect this has, but to date all is going well. I know it is not going to cure my knee problem but to have relief from the pain is fantastic!

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has long or short term severe pain issues, it has worked for me thus far!

Rita Prior

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